Bacchus Sunday Blues

Things I am doing today to pretend Mardi Gras festivities aren’t happening in NOLA right now:

1. writing this blog
2. not answering my phone when a NOLA area code calls
3. printing out my interactive interview project to edit/structure/and develop [password protected!]
4. working on my application for this Oxford summer programme
5. pulling out binders full of articles on trauma theory to highlight [comps are 15 days away!!!]
6. grading student annotated bibliographies
7. doing laundry
8. watching the first season of House on dvd
9. making eggs
10. playing with Sweetness the cat

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4 thoughts on “Bacchus Sunday Blues

  1. Sweetness is fabulous! I LOVE different colored eyes; it is just the coolest thing. There’s a professor in my department who has one blue eye and one brown eye, and in a way I want to tell her how cool I think her eyes are, but I don’t, as I don’t want to annoy her.

    It’s for the best that you’re at home being productive today.

  2. Thanks for the positive feedback. I actually have done everything on this list except grade student work. I’ll get on that tomorrow.
    Yes, Sweetness is the coolest. If she hadn’t already been named that when we adopted her, I would have named her Bowie 😉

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