not much to report

life here is the same…

I’m less frustrated than last week and feeling less othered, which is always a bonus.

I’ve got a project cooking in my head and it plans to spill out onto the page before Tuesday. Clancy’s post on “research ethics” may be of assistance.

I’ve been working out like a demon, yay ZUMBA!, and that’s kept me very happy.

Teaching has been great this semester too, and I’m glad I’m not forcing blogs on the Expository Writing students. See here for a Chronicle piece on Blog Overload. Clancy’s also got a discussion going on about it. All I’d really add is that I realized a while back that I can’t make my students love blogging the way I do, so since I’m not allowing to blog like me–whenever and on whatever–I have only the online composition students blog for the purposes of 1) building classroom community, 2) learning to link, and 3) learning about public writing and audience. Now that I type that, I realize I could try to teach all of my students that, but it just seems to make more sense for the distance ed comp students to get bloggy with it first since we never meet and the only way we ever communicate is through our online posts.

Didn’t get to read/annotate much but have this whole week to get back on track now that I don’t have to be on campus for meetings/campus visits by job candidates. I’ve enjoyed meeting the women USF is interviewing for the rhet/comp position, but it’s quite time consuming, especially when ALL I CAN THINK ABOUT ARE MY EXAMS!!! 😉

I just can’t wait for March…exams, Spring Break, 4Cs in NYC, and who knows what else.

P.S. I got my hair chopped off yesterday and it’s kind of freaking me out. It’s even shorter than when I did the big 12-inch chop for Locks of Love 3 years ago. But I’ve bought some new styling gunk and a couple head bands, so I will take a pic tomorrow to share. Right now, after working out and grading a bunch of quizzes, I think I look like Kramer. Eek!

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