80s feel

Yes, life was simpler for me in the 80s and the music was fab-u-lous, so what could make a girl happier than the opening sequence to the Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore movie, Music and Lyrics.

If you must know, Andy and I were on our way to the Tampa Theatre to see Peter O’Toole in Venus, but missed the downtown exit. (We never go downtown AND construction around “malfunction junction” has actually gotten rid of the exit all together when driving south on I-275.) So knowing that the historic theatre was not likely to show tons of previews that would make up for our tardy arrivale, we opted for the movie theatre at the mall and “happened” to get there in time for Hugh’s big 80s hair and totally awesome dance moves.

Couldn’t you just watch this over and over???

P.S. The movie wasn’t all that great and I definitely won’t add the DVD to my collection when it comes out, but I did leave the movie theatre humming many of the songs. Broadway lyricist Stephen Sondheim has been known to rather “play alienating musical games with his audience then send them out of the theater humming a good, old-fashioned tune,” but something about the 80s genre calls for it, don’t you think?


when harry met daisy


Well as my last post suggested, I had both tickets and an “in” to the Harry Connick Jr show this past Saturday night. Frankly, I didn’t think this would impress many people as I’ve been to several of his Orpheus Mardi Gras balls and run into him at the Ritz Carlton French Quarter bar a couple of times too, but I guess I can see how it is a bigger deal than usual in this post-Will and Grace world. 🙂

Seriously, the show was fantastic and is comprised mainly of New Orleans songs. My eyes welled up with tears a few times because it felt like I was home and just hearing Harry say “Yeah You Rite” made me realize even more how much I love and miss my New Orleans. I am literally counting the days til I can go back and don’t care how much it costs, I want to make more weekend trips than ever before. This urgency must stem from my self-imposed police state, but it had to be done all in the name of comprehensive exams. One more week!!

But back to Harry–he told lots of funny stories in between songs and Andy loved that. The finale song was my favorite “Mardi Gras in New Orleans,” although I didn’t even know that was its official title til I just looked it up. I always think of it as “Get your ticket in your hand…down on St. Claude and Dumaine…etc.” Anyway, this was the only song Harry shook his tailfeather to, so here’s my haphazard video capture of that:

After the show, Andy and I donned our backstage passes and got in line to meet the man himself. He was pretty subdued and only could chat with people for a few minutes, but I got my autographs, a quick pic and thanked him for all he’s doing for NOLA because, despite how silly he can be on talk shows, he does always bring up how much NOLA needs help and reminds us of Habitat for Humanity’s goals.

Here are the pics–enjoy and go see Harry if he comes to a city near you!




hip hip harry

I didn’t win the dance contest at school last night, which is no biggie, but I did leave the event kind of down because not a lot of people were there. Even our leader N.C. was too tired from a full day at work to pump us up, and the people in charge with megaphones were barely audible. Again, it made me miss my folkdancing days in New Orleans where everyone is so loud and energetic.

I find myself more prone to homesickness these days because I know my days here are numbered if I get a certain job that would put me back in NOLA. The interview isn’t til late March though and before then I have my exams, papers due, and all sorts of other stuff to work on. I just want March to get here!!!

Speaking of my exams, my last night of self-proclaimed study-free freedom wil be tonight when we go see Harry Connick Jr in concert. My best girl’s boyfriend is one of his producers, so we thought we might be able to get a hook up with tix; however, all the $$$ from tickets is going to Habitat for Humanity, so the office couldn’t make any exceptions. That’s fine with me–we’ve decided to pay the full price tonight [even on our lowly grad student stipends] and enjoy the music. I’ll bring my camera too b/c we did get an “in” to the afterparty.

Oh my NOLA!


10 more days

til my exams begin and I have to say that I’m not nervous. Well maybe a little, but I mainly just want them over with!!! If I had taken them as I originally planned last semester, I think the stress would have gotten the best of me. Waiting til now was for the best. While I am worried that I’m not that great of a teacher or pleasant company these days, at least I know that I can improve upon these things by mid-March.

In other news, tonight I start my self-imposed 3-day Zumba-thon. I usually take this workout class on Thursday nights and Saturday afternoons, but tomorrow night is a special “Dance Party” at the USF gym. I think I might even enter the competition. 🙂

If I win anything, I’ll be sure to blog about it!


Bacchus Sunday Blues

Things I am doing today to pretend Mardi Gras festivities aren’t happening in NOLA right now:

1. writing this blog
2. not answering my phone when a NOLA area code calls
3. printing out my interactive interview project to edit/structure/and develop [password protected!]
4. working on my application for this Oxford summer programme
5. pulling out binders full of articles on trauma theory to highlight [comps are 15 days away!!!]
6. grading student annotated bibliographies
7. doing laundry
8. watching the first season of House on dvd
9. making eggs
10. playing with Sweetness the cat

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quick update

So far it looks like everyone I know is OK and I just talked to my friend Tom in Uptown who described the whole area as “whacked.” A friend of ours had a window break and the glass cut her face.

While I know my parents aren’t even in NOLA, I do hope our house in Gentilly wasn’t blown away for good now. We want our Road Home money!!!

I have to go to class now but hope the news sites have more about the specific areas damaged as the day progresses.


tornado hits NOLA

So far the news is that a tornado hit part of Greater New Orleans early this morning and when I spoke to my friend Greg, he had gone in to work but knew of power outages throughout the area. Thank goodness for my NOLA bloggers listserv because that’s how I also heard news.

NOLA.com, god love it, until minutes ago still had pictures from Barkus up on its main page with only a link in small print to the right about the tornado. I thought to take a screengrab only after I hit refresh, but if you go here, you can see the lovely pooch that graced the home page for so many hours this morning.

Jeezy Chreezy!


voluntarily tagged

After reading Lisa’s post on “Five things you don’t know about me,” I decided to voluntarily tag myself. I’m not really one for tagging, but I’ve given myself Tuesday nights off from studying since I have such a long day at school.

Here goes:

1. As recent as 2003, I almost won Miss Festival at a folkdance festival in Bulgaria. If you go to the website and hover on the US, I’m the one being held by the man in the red pants. OK I realize you can’t see me, but trust me!

2. I was proposed to in the Special Collections Room of my university’s library. Sigh…

3. I skipped my senior year of high school. This is kind of a long story, but it involves my all girls Catholic school going under and announcing their closing in the middle of my junior year. Being that our requirements were more than the State’s, all it took was some convincing of the administration to let us complete English 4 and a half credit of PE over the summer and we graduated in July of 1992. I started college at 16 and was finished by 20.

4. I was born on my father’s birthday, making me, my dad and my mom ALL Virgos.

5. I have an extensive autograph collection, including the likes of Julie Andrews. My uncle used to work for a Broadway composer and she was to come over for dinner. Even though I had to wait patiently in the kitchen, there was no way I was going to let Mary Poppins be in the house and not do something about it! Thanks to my uncle, I also got to meet Katharine Hepburn when I was 16. We spoke of ballet even though all I wanted to ask her was Cary Grant!

Feel free to tag yourself!


not much to report

life here is the same…

I’m less frustrated than last week and feeling less othered, which is always a bonus.

I’ve got a project cooking in my head and it plans to spill out onto the page before Tuesday. Clancy’s post on “research ethics” may be of assistance.

I’ve been working out like a demon, yay ZUMBA!, and that’s kept me very happy.

Teaching has been great this semester too, and I’m glad I’m not forcing blogs on the Expository Writing students. See here for a Chronicle piece on Blog Overload. Clancy’s also got a discussion going on about it. All I’d really add is that I realized a while back that I can’t make my students love blogging the way I do, so since I’m not allowing to blog like me–whenever and on whatever–I have only the online composition students blog for the purposes of 1) building classroom community, 2) learning to link, and 3) learning about public writing and audience. Now that I type that, I realize I could try to teach all of my students that, but it just seems to make more sense for the distance ed comp students to get bloggy with it first since we never meet and the only way we ever communicate is through our online posts.

Didn’t get to read/annotate much but have this whole week to get back on track now that I don’t have to be on campus for meetings/campus visits by job candidates. I’ve enjoyed meeting the women USF is interviewing for the rhet/comp position, but it’s quite time consuming, especially when ALL I CAN THINK ABOUT ARE MY EXAMS!!! 😉

I just can’t wait for March…exams, Spring Break, 4Cs in NYC, and who knows what else.

P.S. I got my hair chopped off yesterday and it’s kind of freaking me out. It’s even shorter than when I did the big 12-inch chop for Locks of Love 3 years ago. But I’ve bought some new styling gunk and a couple head bands, so I will take a pic tomorrow to share. Right now, after working out and grading a bunch of quizzes, I think I look like Kramer. Eek!


wikipedia brown

I loved him as a child, and he’s been given a 21-st century makeover here!

I searched long and hard for Encyclopedia Brown cover art [the Apple Paperback versions] to include in this post, but couldn’t find any. All my childhood books were lost in Katrina, so if anyone sees copies of those in used bookstores anywhere, let me know!

EDITED to include this find: