news from the march

the #s and words from the Times-Picayune:
in just the last six months of 2006 — after much of the city’s current population had returned — murderers killed 106 people. If the population is 230,000, an optimistic estimate, that means the city has seen a rate of 90 killings per 100,000 people since last July, a frighteningly high rate that clearly would make New Orleans the nation’s murder capital.

Anderson Cooper’s on it:
Mayor Ray Nagin tried to address the crowd and likely would have used the phrase he’s used for the last six months, “Enough is enough.” That’s what he said in June when he asked for the National Guard to help patrol the streets, and that’s what he said on Tuesday when he promised new anti-crime initiatives.

Today, however, the crowd didn’t want to hear those words. They’ve heard them too many times already. March organizers refused to let the mayor speak. It was a very public slap in the face, a sign of just how deep the anger here has become. It was an extraordinary day in this bruised and battered city.

and BRox was there to voice the anger we all feel: (click here for video)
Fueling our anger is the perception that our leaders do not share our fear and our sense of shame. And so today I want to say shame on you, Mayor Nagin, Superintendent Riley, District Attorney Jordan. You’ve really let us down. You have failed us. The criminal justice system and the government is broken. And I want to communicate to you the level of outrage that my friends and neighbors are feeling, because we don’t think you get it.

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