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  1. I was just reminiscing last night about ringing in the millennium with you in New Orleans. I felt proud to be there at such an important time in history and such an influential time in my life. I’ll never forget tossing beads down from the balcony of Pat O’Briens bar and restaurant into a plethora of smiling and laughing faces. NOLA has always been my favorite place to visit, because like you said, it’s the people who make the place. And it’s like no other place I have ever been. I’m proud to have had such an experience and I am looking forward to many more there. It definitley is the people who make NOLA and it’s the people who will bring it back anew as a stronger and more passionate place (if that’s even possible).

  2. Dear Doc,
    I read your blog on place blogger. There is still many things in Nawlins that are working, open, and unique. Not many cities can boast such as the likes of the Cafe Du Monde’ just a few steps down Decatur Street, from what has to be the The Central Grocery (hallmark of muffeletta purveyors), it is not warmed or microwaved as some imitators do. Albeit the newer fancier version. Many years ago there was no seating for people who were dying for a muffeletta, if you got one and had the right change you could get a Barq’s or a Coke from the vending machine. The park across Decatur Street was their unofficial dining area. With each bite of the sandwich you could see the tourists, the local French Quarter regulars, the mimes, you could hear the sound of the boats coming and going to and fro along the river front. Not many places can also boast such a delicious a treat as a Nawlins sno ball, the rest of the places don’t have a clue, its the ice texture. There is something magic about the city, when you step out of your car, get off the bus, train, or plane, it’s unlike any other. I have family in Newlins and been visiting for over years, my grand father migrated from France to make Nawlins his first home in the US. To browse Jackson Square on any day ya feel like you can see almost anything, from the debutante, to the debutees, the bank in his crisp starched shirt making his way back from a long lunch. I keep hearing from my folks down there things are not the same, i.e. McDonald’s that is only drive-thru, and opens at 11 AM and closes 7 PM or so.
    There is still many reasons to visit Nawlins, aside from the conference the Sugar Bowl, Mardi Gras. Not only is Nawlins “The city that care forgot” but it’sthe only place where anything is a reason to fix something good to eat, or go somewhere to have a great meal. Not just the Antoine’s, The Commander’s Palaces, Brennan’s, but the bar on the corner that serves a shrimp po boy on fresh but crusty bread.
    There is no place where you can see pralines that are melt in your mouth category. There is no other place where you can hear “Hey, Mistah, I’, bet I can tell ya where ya got those shoes you got on for a dollar”. Travelers will still find the magic of your city, once they can see progress. Once they find out that they city is returning maybe one house at a time, maybe one business that re-opened, they will learn that it is not a city for the most part with it’s hands eternally out for another FEMA, or State, or Federal Program. Tourists will return to share the charm, some may not be in the form it was before Katrina, they will find out not every resident if not sitting on their cheeks waiting on “their check”

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