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I’ve been under the weather after a fabulous Thanksgiving with the parents and close friends. Even started some wedding planning!

But since I’ve been back, I’ve been dealing with my 2 sparring cats and grading papers. It’s strange, now that I’ve written that Katrina narrative, I feel a weight lifted and it’s hard for me to find stuff to blog about. I just want to keep re-working that piece, which is good if it’s moving toward the dissertation, right?

Anyway, despite my sinusy nose and head, I did read this and knew I had to share:

A Directory of Academic Blogs, Wiki Style

How many academic blogs are there? Too many for any one person to keep track of.

The popular academic blog Crooked Timber has long maintained a lengthy list of academic blogs. The list had been maintained in part by Henry Farrell, an assistant professor of political science and international affairs at George Washington University, but the task was starting to seem overwhelming. “I’d come to the conclusion that one person just couldn’t keep track of this anymore,” he said in an interview this week.

So why not open up the list and let anyone add to it? That’s just what the gang at Crooked Timber decided to do, using the same wiki software behind Wikipedia. The result is, which went online in September.

It’s amazing! I added my blog under the list for Culture, Theory, Literature.

Go check it out and add your blog where you see fit!

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