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From the Berkman Buzz:

Here is a video of today’s talk and here’s a link to the podcast, both of which are available on the Media Berkman blog. You can even reach it via Second Life.

Lisa Williams will introduce Placeblogger, a project she’s about to launch in conjunction with the Center for Citizen Media and PressThink. Placeblogger is a directory, blog and much more about how people are becoming their own local media, covering their towns and helping to spark conversations about things that matter. Lisa says, “Placeblogs – sites that focus on geographical communities – are the living laboratory of citizen journalism: they say interesting things about how nonjournalists approach covering a fire, or a town council. Looking at them gets us a lot closer to many debated questions about citizen journalism.”

Lisa Williams is a citizen journalist living in Watertown, MA. She founded and maintains the popular Watertown-focused placeblog She began working on the Placeblogger project this past summer, when skeptics of the placeblogging phenomenon insisted that hyperlocal websites like H2otown would never be popular. Lisa made a bet with Jay Rosen of PressThink that she could locate 1,000 placeblogs in the United States – and in just a few months, Lisa has found and indexed over 700 placeblogs.

Lisa will be joined for this discussion by Dan Gillmor, director of the Center for Citizen Media and a Berkman Center fellow.

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