The Blogger SAT Challenge

Also from the tech-rhet listserv, I learned about this “Challenge.” Kind of an interesting idea that bloggers might be better writers, but…

I’m very much anti-standardized testing and “inane writing prompts,” but I am also against the generalization that blogs are “pointless rants.” How can they expect anything useful to come from this challenge when it is framed this way?

On the blogger’s side, they’re used to cranking out pointless rants on a moment’s notice. But highschoolers are well-practiced at responding to their teachers’ inane writing prompts. Bloggers get to choose their topics, so blogging may not transfer well to the SAT’s writing prompt. Who can perform better on the SAT test? There’s only one way to find out.

I could volunteer to read some of the results, but I’d rather focus on my own metablogging research for the time being. And I can’t even get on that right away with all the updates I have to make on my Powerbook. My cable modem was out yesterday so I have some work to catch up on!

2 thoughts on “The Blogger SAT Challenge

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  2. Yeah, “pointless rants” may have been a bit over the top, but I think most people took that remark in the way it was intended, to suggest that bloggers are probably better than average at writing quickly, on cue. I was on the bloggers’ side of this dispute; I thought they’d do pretty well with it.

    When I took the test myself, however, it gave me new respect for what we put our high schoolers through.

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