primavera primadonna

That’s me. I’m waiting until the Spring to take my exams. The decision was pretty much made up for me when the professor with whom I have to finish an Incomplete told me she had “an extraordinarily busy semester this term,” which I took to mean she didn’t want to deal with reading my 15 page paper or filing change of grade forms. And you can’t have an Incomplete and take your exams. Hence, waiting til March.

But that’s very much OK with me. The amount of stuff I am learning in the Carolyn Ellis class is great and can all be related to trauma theory; and remember, I had never even heard of trauma theory til February of this year. So if I am to be tested on it, I think I need a few months of review, even if the review consists of a lot of new material!

I’m a lot calmer these days and that’s leading to some productivity. I’m writing a Placeblogging intro for New Orleans, enjoying my teaching more than ever, and reading books at a record pace. Here’s hoping I keep it up!

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