What an amazing idea! I checked the zip code list for mine, but it looks like they didn’t collect any from my street. I’m going to pass the info along to others though because a lot of street names looked familiar.


Last fall 610 dresser drawers were recovered from the piles of ravaged belongings in front of New Orleans homes. Together they make up Floodwall to memorialize the loss of everything that is irreplaceable but not forgettable. However, Floodwall is not complete without your help. We are now looking to collect the oral histories of these drawers, these homes, these neighborhoods, these lives.

Please share your story with us.

Here’s how…
On the left you will find links to each of New Orleans’ zip codes plus three from Metairie. Each zip code will link you to a page of all of the addresses in that zip code from which drawers were recovered. Please feel free to search the addresses to see if your drawer is a part of Floodwall. Now it is your turn. If you would like to share your stories with Floodwall please complete the information sheet and submit it so that we can contact you to set up an oral history interview this fall.”

“If these drawers could talk…”

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