4Cs in NYC

Woohoo! Like so many other of my peeps, my 4Cs panel was accepted. Now I need to go back and see what it was we proposed…just joking! 😉

I also cannot wait to see some of my NYC pals again. When I lived in Boston I would be down there every month or so, then when I moved back to NOLA, every year or so. Now it’s been almost 4 years!

I need to make sure I balance conference time with Big Apple time, which is gonna be very difficult. At least I present Friday morning and can have the whole weekend to hit the streets! Of course, this conference isn’t until March 2007, but hey, a girl blogging this from a freezing cold library needs some distractions.

2 thoughts on “4Cs in NYC

  1. I’m already so excited about New York I can’t remember what I’m supposed to do next week. 🙂

    Did you notice that the 2008 Cs will be in New Orleans? I hope I can come up with something good for that, but I’ll be there with or without presentation.

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