back spasm #2

Haven’t been blogging because I shouldn’t be on the computer. Sitting is agony and guess I deserve it after a weekend of high-heel wearing for nearly 23 hours. The Rising Tide conference was awesome and I have a lot to post, perhaps later when I am sneaking in some laptop time from my bed and in between icepacks. At least this time the back spasm hasn’t affected my walking ability; however, it’s a drag to not be able to workout or do the work necessary for the first week of the Fall semester!

Til later, here are some links I wanted to share that cross many categories:

New Orleans jazzes anew by Poppy Z Brite in the Boston Globe

How life has changed since I left library school

Facebook – The Complete Biography

And no I didn’t miss the irony of having a painful back spasm yesterday, the anniversary of Katrina. 🙁

2 thoughts on “back spasm #2

  1. Daisy, I’m sorry your back hurts. They were great looking shoes, though! Also, IMO, there’s no shame in taking that laptop to bed. It’s one of my very favorite things to do. :p

    Feel better soon! It was great meeting you!

  2. 🙁 I no see no Daisy

    PLUS Eric Haston and Roy and Kerry are in town now…you should be here 🙁

    I have many good drugs for back 🙂

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