Behind the failure to rebuild

Found this New Yorker article on New Orleans’ “Lost Year” [which is quite comprehensive!] from Ernie the Attorney’s post. I doubt I will blog much more before leaving for NOLA tomorrow. I’ll be in Mississippi for some of the time with my parents, then meeting the Rising Tide folks!

Being the academic I am, I’ve been anxiously trying to figure out how to prepare to be on a panel that discusses blogs and journalists and features‘s creator Jon Donley, because I think a lot of us want to hear what he’s observed in the past year rather than my analyzing blogs of grassroots organizations and proselytizing on the healing power of writing…but you never know.

Anyway, another plus of going home this weekend is seeing friends, particularly one whose play opens on Saturday! I also plan to go to the gospel mass at St. Peter Claver again because I find it so energizing and real, rather than so many antiseptic Catholic masses.

OK enough for today. I need to run errands, write a little more, work on a syllabus and pack!

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