the 12 days of things to do

I thought I had been keeping up a good reading and writing pace, but having just graded 20+ papers I realize that still I have a lot to accomplish this month:

  • trauma lit review draft
    abstracts for journal articles
    revising New Orleans dialect papers [I’m thinking linguistics journals may be interested
    now post-K]
    presentation on blogging for TA training
    comments on the impact of blogs during/after the storm for the Rising Tide conference
    any and all things related to teaching ENC 1101 Online and Expository Writing
  • Sheesh…

    Now I feel guilty for having watched 2 movies and countless Sex and the City episodes this week so I am going to go bury my head in the books. And speaking of books, it seems everyone I mention Douglas Brinkley to these days says his book ain’t all that. Here are some other Katrina texts I’ll have to look at, eventually.

    2 thoughts on “the 12 days of things to do

    1. Daisy — I hope to get to those three Katrina books, and also to Brinkley’s book.

      I thought I’d offer a recommendation of a book that does a great job explaining, in simple, accessible terms, what I view as the profound musical/cultural/social culture represented by New Orleans, and how that culture has been threatened: It’s a slim volume, titled “Why New Orleans Matters,” written by respected music journalist Tom Piazza.

      It was published shortly after Katrina. I finally got around to reviewing it. I’ve posted the review on my blog (will appear later in a journal).

      Hope all’s well with you and your family.

    2. Thanks PB
      I think that is the only NOLA book I DON’T have! I’ll pick one up when I get there next week for the Rising Tide conference. Have you read Chris Rose’s One Dead in Attic? It’s a must. I look forward to your review.

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