newsworthy rant

OK I know that the Today Show is hardly the place to turn for hard news, but I’ve often listened to the first 15 minutes or so to get the headlines since I don’t have cable. Sometimes when I sleep late, I turn it on only to find that last hour of fluff (concerts, cookouts, etc) and no news at all. So imagine my surprise this morning when I saw in the first fifteen minutes of “top stories” a report on Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn being engaged. And the key source of this news: an editor or reporter from US Weekly. What the hell?????? Sure, I can see why some might find that story to be vital to the start of one’s day, and I love me some Vince, but since when are gossip rags called in as credible sources? I even read something the other day on MSNBC that referenced another gossip site Sad sad sad…

I’m going back to my academic reading and pretend none of this happened…

One thought on “newsworthy rant

  1. It’s all about the entertainment. Even more disturbing than US Weekly being a key source in the headlines of the day is Fox News’ new slogan: “We put the world into context.”

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