Blogathon 2006 UPDATE

Blogathon for Pearlington was successful and I really recommend checking out the posts they made every half hour for 24 hours. They plan to maintain the blog even now. Two of their posts stick out to me: the one promoting The Katrina Collection, in which the artist “used fragments of old paintings, keys to my home, clocks which stopped when the storm reached Clermont Harbor, and many other pieces of rubble to represent this journey.” The other post is on Katrina and the media. In it they write:

The media used the graphic nature of tragedies in New Orleans to run its own self-serving campaign against the government. They did this at the expense of the storm victims. That’s not to say the government didn’t make its share of mistakes. It is only to say that the media was so focused on sensationalizing government culpability that it failed to tell the whole story.

I couldn’t have said it better, and again I have to tell you that Douglas Brinkley’s book The Great Deluge is amazing on this front of being a factual representation of what went on [on so many levels] that week of the storm. I’m learning so much even about how much damage the actual storm/Mother Nature did. I think I’d been forgetting how much wind damage was done to certain neighborhoods in the area even before the levees broke. Guess that proves we all need to learn more and keep the story alive rather than let it be brushed under the rug.

2 thoughts on “Blogathon 2006 UPDATE

  1. Funny, I haven’t plunked down to buy Great Deluge because I heard what a shoddy piece of pseudo-history it is (and I’m no blind defenger of Nagin). But everyone he transcribes (again, from hearsy, quote would be an overly generous words) tends to be people who are out to get somebody and promote themsevles. I’m waiting to try to get a library copy, because I hate to plunk down the money for something so many people on the ground tell me isn’t worth the bucks. If what they say is true, its sad that a lot of people on the outside are picking it up and going, wow, so this is what happened.

    I guess I best break down a buy a copy before the blogger-con and get up on a panel, but there’s a couple of new hardbacks out I want to read about events here and this was the lowest on my list.

  2. Yeah the pst 2 days I’ve told my local friends about what I’m reading and they reacted the same way, “It’s all lies; his statistics are off.” So now I’m reading it with that in mind; still, I think it is a decent piece of writing for the individual stories told, those not out promoting themselves.

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