In addition to Rudy telling his tale in “Fleeing Katrina,” numerous film documentaries have been/are being made in NOLA, which I find extremely important. Two are discussed in the Times Picayune here.
I’ll have to find someone with HBO to tape the Spike Lee one for me.


I haven’t returned to the difficult book I mentioned 2 posts ago, but instead returned to Trauma and the Teaching of Writing where I found Peter N. Goggin and Maureen Daly Goggin’s essay, “Presence in Absence: Discourses (In, On, and About) Trauma” to be helpful, straightforward and quite applicable to my work, especially in how I think about and define my role as a first and second-degree witness to Katrina.

With that said, these documentaries are another venue for all such witnesses to tell their stories and share their “infinitely diverse reactions–grief, anger, ambivalence, hatred, silence” (Goggin & Goggin 38).

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