Girls weekend in Miami–me, my friends Sarah and Desi, and Madonna!

The concert was fabulous, yet political at times. I liked the images she used during Live to Tell and Sorry but felt that her accusation of people only “talking the talk and not walking the walk” was totally contradicted when she later yelled to a screaming fan, “Can you speak English?!?!?” Um, hello, you’re in Miami and you just preached about world politics…Well at least she didn’t sound all posh with that fake British accent of hers.

I think I’d rather have seen her have the whole tour as a big party like the last several songs felt: Lucky Star, La Isla Bonita, and Hung Up.

All I can really say is that this concert pumped me up for seeing the Pet Shop Boys in October, especially when I heard Neil Tennant’s voice in “Sorry.”

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