A Geek Dinner in NOLA?

There was such an event and I missed it! I read about it here on SophMom and on Editor B’s blog.

Here is the link/description of the dinner, which sounds very much like the Friday night dinners at BloggerCon, and which is all the more reason I am kicking myself for not knowing about it sooner!

I hope to make it to the next one! Let’s hope Think NOLA responds to my comment.

EDITED to include the link to this blog post which links to many other NOLA bloggers. How I wish I were home to meet up with them, but at least they are documenting their rebuilding efforts!

3 thoughts on “A Geek Dinner in NOLA?

  1. Hey there Daisy. I’m sorry you missed the event. It was so much fun to have everyone over. Especially since I’m not a good blogger myself, I can only follow the blogs a little bit.

    These shouldn’t be hard to organize. We simply need to meet more frequently. Maybe we need to organize ourselves a bit better, so that we know when someone else is in town, etc.

  2. Hey, you need to drop into Yahoo groups and find BlogNOLA, and subscribe. The delayed wine has arrived, and as a result another one is bound to happen sooner than later.

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