sea turtles

This is from my trip last month on the Big Island. I can’t tell you how excited I was to see a sea turtle on my last day there! I’m going to add more videos from the trip to YouTube today.

4 thoughts on “sea turtles

  1. Beautiful. I have neither been to Hawaii nor seen a live sea turtle. Very cool.

    I wandered here via an odd path. I was updating my profile and clicked on Cato the Sensor’s message to me (Cato is an inactive blog owned by the blogger also known as Zen Wizard), and there was a single message left on his profile, by one “Doctor Daisy”. I then Googled “Doctor Daisy” and landed here, immediately noticing quite a few of the same links in your gutter that I have in mine. I have no idea if the two Doctors Daisy are one or two bloggers.

    Then I clicked on the link to the story in Clancy’s comment above, bookmarked that, read the really wonderful article, and cried like a baby. I am so grateful that my son was starting his sophomore year at Loyola instead of his freshman year, when It Happened, and, in a way, because he’s an intellectual and a musician and a writer (his major), I’m glad he’s living in New Orleans right now (because what could be more fertile ground for such endeavors?), although I miss him terribly.

    He loves his job, working in an Uptown restaurant. One of his friends from “home” asked him recently when he might be coming back to Atlanta for a visit, especially since he’s only been here for three days over Easter weekend since returning to NOLA on December 31st. His answer was, “I’ll be coming back the next time we have to evacuate.” *sigh*

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