The Coop, The Con and The Clancy

Now that I have a kitty, have moved into a bigger place and organized all my scholarly binders and research, and am not leaving town for another month, I have all the time to read all the books I’ve purchased between the MLA and C&W conferences! While I was in Minnesota last week I read most of Anderson Cooper’s book, but felt it moved too quickly. He’s seen a lot of suffering over the past few years so I don’t like it when he glosses over those events. For instance, I was fascinated by his accounts of covering the tsunami and feel like so many of us have forgotten about that already. I wanted to hear more, but then it segued into his brother’s suicide and then jumped to Iraq and Nigeria. It makes sense for him to write this way though–because of the nature of his dealing with things–he wants to move on quickly to where the action is and get the story out there. I want him to reflect more, but that’s me being a nitpicky teacher. 🙂

So another thing I’ve learned now that I am staying in one spot is that BloggerCon IV is happening this weekend in San Fran. Man! I wish I could be there, btu thanks to podcasts and webcams, I think I will be able to tune in from home. I’m really interested in the session on the Emotional Life of Weblogs, to be led by my BloggerCon II pal Lisa Williams. Check out the links she has to the previous “emotional life” sessions.

Since my dissertation is to be quite an emotional one, I was glad to read Clancy’s post chock full of suggestions/reflections upon her process. I might sound crazy when I say I am looking forward to writing the veritable tome [heehee], but it’s true. I have so much to say and lots of examples to choose from, so reading her strategies for sifting through the info and incorporating research will be quite useful.

Off to resume reading, highlighting and post-it noting!

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