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I attended a couple of sessions but recorded some of them on my i-pod instead of taking notes. The Writing with Video panel of Joseph Squier and Maria Lovett was amazing though and I wish I had the time and skills to pursue such a class. Looking at their site is enough for my schedule now, but I applaud everything they are doing!

The following list is based on my notes from the presentation they gave and I think captures the essence of the course:

Video as rhetorical medium
Be conscious of ways of seeing
“What is literacy?” video sketch
Build a metaphorical vocabulary
Students compose a “Pages” portfolio—a facet of the ILife suite (like a word doc but you can incorporate video and images)
Keep a process journal
Show motivation behind their assignments
Talk about audio—music and audio are not the same thing, discussing this lets you talk about media literacy, IP, mass communication
Songs have to have a real intention in the film—don’t just choose anything, justify it
IRB approval—documentary film doesn’t need approval
Performative ethnography—show it don’t tell it
Emphasis is on process rather than making a slick film maker
Video is a constructed text, not a transparent window
Students who wrote more composed better videos

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  1. That class looks pretty awesome. I wish I had had a class like the one Joseph Squires teaches. Seriously.

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