more CW reflections–the dialogue continues

Thanks to all those who left comments on my last post. I’m still baffled that I cried so uncontrollably. I mean, I know I have reason to and I am not embarassed by it, but I was not expecting to be so affected by the thoughts of my NOLA. But that again proves I am the perfect case study for my dissertation…

I like the discussion that has started at Composition Southeast, which is actually a post referencing my initial trauma theory post. Guess I haven’t looked at my incoming links page in awhile, otherwise I would have seen this earlier.

I wish I could be around to help students directly affected write through their experiences, but only hope that I will be able to soon enough. Trauma and the Teaching of Writing discusses what teachers can do with traumatic moments as well as what to think of when our usually writing-centered ideas fail us. I’ve not finished the whole collection but will post a response up tomorrow before I take off for HI.

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