can't sleep

Back from a lovely trip to Chicago (where I saw my first Pearl Jam concert) and Winona, MN (AC’s college town and parents’ home) and am feeling ambivalent about my summer plans. Since I had to take that Incomplete, I know I will be reading a lot of good stuff, but there are still so many other things to do before moving apartments later this month, traveling to the Computers and Writing conference, and teaching in the Summer B session. The thing is, ever since the back spasm, I enjoy not being on the computer a lot more, but that also leaves me feeling out of the loop when it comes to the latest trends in computer literacy.

Oh well, something tells me that that anxiety will pass, but for some reason I cannot get that Chronicle article from last year out of my head. Yes, I know keeping a blog obviously puts my personal thoughts out there for everyone to read, but since I am getting closer to the end of this PhD, I feel more open to critique. I also just received my teaching evaluations and the students made strong comments both for and against blogging, which leads me to reevaluate my use of them, yet again. Let’s hope that as soon as I have created a daily schedule of what to do with myself this summer and have mingled with the Computers and Writing folks next week that I can articulate myself better!

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