back in the saddle

OK after receiving the go ahead from my chiropractor to resume schoolwork, computer usage, etc., I composed 3 final papers in less than 10 days. I enjoyed the topics I wrote on, namely academic freedom and writing against that David Horowitz’s “Academic Bill of Rights,” but was wiped by the time it came to put together a 4Cs panel last Friday. Everything felt so rushed, but I think it all came out OK. I had to take my first Incomplete though, but all that is left to do for the class is a lit review. Since I plan on reading all summer, starting after May 18, that should be no problem and will also be a welcome experience–reading stuff that applies to my dissertation! Woohoo!

Other than that, not much else has been going on. I went to a fabulous Kentucky Derby party with folks I used to work with, rode my bike and went to the beach yesterday, and been planning out my summer.

Am so behind in the blogging world, I have no links to share…but I know that will change soon.

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