back spasm

Last Wednesday I suffered an awful back spasm. Couldn’t even walk. Definitely cannot sit. Not supposed to be on the computer til next week, but thought I would sneak in a post. Went to the chiropracter for the first time, x-rays were taken, it didn’t look good. However, thanks to an ice pack, a devoted boyfriend, a new dvd player and the Sex and the City boxed set, I’ve been getting better everyday.

More blogging in May when I’m 100% better and I’m done with final papers.

And as usual, I believe that if I were in New Orleans, none of this would have happened! 😉

2 thoughts on “back spasm

  1. It’s my belief that if you are anywhere outside the Tampa Bay area bad things would have never happened in every area of life.

    Get better as soon as you can!

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