Save the Big Easy petition


This is the form email I got and promised to send along:

I found this great web site that is trying to save New Orleans from another hurricane. They are trying to collect 1 Million signatures so Congress will pass a bill to rebuild the levees stronger this time.

I just signed the pledge. Please sign now before you forget, go to http://www.savebigeasy.org.

The email I received from New Orleans actors and friends was much more persuasive and I’ll post some of that here too:

I wonder if the rest of the country realizes that this was a manmade disaster. New Orleans survived the hurricane, but it was the levees that failed, and all recent studies have proven that the multiple breeches were due to sub-standard building by the Army Corps of Engineers years ago, and I believe along with many that they should be held accountable. People have lost their homes and lives due to poor federal governmental planning and execution, and although we have been told our levees will be restored to “category 3” by June1st, who can guarantee that the many miles of similarly sub standard levees will hold?

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