spring cleaning

I know, I know.

I have slipped into my Spring scant blogging behavior again. I hadn’t looked at my MSN blog in awhile, but reviewed it today [thanks to Rita’s post] and saw this post. That Don Cesar time is right around the corner, and it freaks me out that AC and I have been together a year! And what a year it has been…I’ve found the man of my dreams, yet I’m still missing my former life in New Orleans.

But I have to remember that since Katrina, that New Orleans really isn’t there anymore. The people are, though, which is comforting. With Gavin’s sudden death this week, the theatre community to which I belonged has come together to share memories and at this minute are at his funeral. I thought about flying there for it, but just couldn’t break away with only 3 weeks left in my final semester. I hope that doesn’t sound like a lame excuse for not facing the truth and the sadness of a funeral, but sometimes I think keeping blinders on and finishing the tasks at hand is a better way to go.

So with that said, the fact that I will begin studying for my comprehensive exams this summer is actually more exciting than scary. Soon I can begin “da diss” and, like Clancy says, hope to “tell a story that teaches somebody something. ” Until then, bear with me as I take a final exam, host my parents for Easter weekend, write 2 lit reviews and grade my students’ final papers. Although, if you know me, then you know that procrastination is often the name of the game so who knows, blog posts might appear more frequently!

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