a very merry half-birthday to me–mark you calendar

On March 6th, after being inspired by MegFest, I will begin the celebration now to be forever known as Daisy-palooza. It will be my 30 and a half birthday and considering I never got the Big Fat Italian birthday in New Orleans that I had planned last September, I think I’m long overdue!

Before then though I have to face returning to my childhood home. I’ve known for some time that I would have to face the devastation in person sooner or later, and I think that time is now. Still, I’d envisioned myself on a driving tour of my Gentilly neighborhood, so when I told my mom I wanted to see the house and she asked, “OK do you want to go inside?” I froze. I hadn’t thought about taking that big of a step and now am haunted by the image of me walking from room to room and it all being empty. And of course, the tears start all over again. Some of you have told me that I may be building it up to be bigger than what I expect, and I agree (to some extent.) Just keep reminding me of that, please!

2 thoughts on “a very merry half-birthday to me–mark you calendar

  1. I’m still looking forward to the Big Fat Italian birthda party…..was hoping it’d be rescheduled! Lord knows you can’t turn 30 without a party!

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