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Tried writing my dream analysis today (an assignment for Criticism and Theory) and cried nearly all the way through composing the introduction. Setting up what New Orleans means to me and attempting to figure out why I keep dreaming about being in my childhood home either alone or surround by people is beyond me this evening, but I will try again tomorrow.

Til then here are some NOLA-related links. The first is to the Faulkner Society’s web page. A friend’s art will be on exhibit at their sponsored “My New Orleans is Mardi Gras: Come As You Are” costume party at The Presbytere, from 6:00 to 9:00 p. m. on Thursday, February 23. The second link is to the book I’m currently reading, which was also celebrated by the Faulkner Society. Every essay is a beautiful tribute to New Orleans, which is as the title suggests. Go buy it if you want an insider’s view and help support the Faulkner Society and PEN Center’s Writer’s Fund.

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