not much to report at the end of the week

Spent much of today reading, doing laundry, running errands, feeding the frogs [AC’s frogs are here too so Stella has some buddies–actually they are all in separate tanks so I am calling it “The Wall of Frogs”], and planning out my weekend of academic work. I want to update my CV and make some edits to some previous work.

Should read the latest Pew report as well: The Strength of Internet Ties: The internet and email aid users in maintaining their social networks and provide pathways to help when people face big decisions.

Having typed this I’m struck with how BO-RING my life must seem to others, but oh well. I’m happy and having a good time with all these books surrounding me. And I’m still counting the days til Mardi Gras where I know, no matter the changes to the city, things are bound to get OOC. 😉


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