dinner and a movie

I am so obsessed with thai food it is ridiculous! Finally tried a place I’ve had my eye on, which has the same name as my favorite place in NOLA, Sukho Thai. Spicy and delicious! I knew AC and I could try making some noodles of our own having just been down the ethnic foods aisle at the grocery store, but this was a perfect ending to our afternoon movie date.

Go see Match Point. Scarlett J is wonderful as always, and J Rhys Myers is superb! I’m on the PC now but can’t wait to get on the Mac so I can download all the podcasts.

And I love that Scarlett’s character’s name is Nola!!!!

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  1. Hi Daisy! It was a pleasure to meet you at this year’s MLA. Thought you might be interested to know that our panel is mentioned in today’s first-person column in _The Chronicle of Higher Ed_. Here the URL:

    I am not sure how to feel about my work being referred to as “homey in its sincerity” (what does “homey” mean anyhow? It’s not in the OED). It makes me sound like such a dork! But I guess he means it as a compliment…(?)

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