Never say something like this!

I have no idea what C. Ray Nagin, mayor of New Orleans was thinking with this one: “Evoking King, Nagin calls N.O. ‘chocolate’ city.”

Metroblogging New Orleans has a few responses to Nagin’s idea that hurricanes are God’s punishment, as well as this one on the chocolate factory.

And of course, there is a Willy Wonka-like spoof over at NOLAfugees.com.

EDITED to include Poppy Z Brite’s responses here and here.

One thought on “Never say something like this!

  1. As a “white” guy, I wasn’t offended that the Mayor talked about a chocolate New Orleans. But as an Atheist, I am concerned that an elected representative would take the podium like a preacher and shout about God’s punishment upon us. That part was creepy.

    That said, I’m not giving up on him yet.


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