my new year's resolution

is to blog everyday!

Making this public statement of course means I have more incentive to follow through, and I will! No more corporate gig, only graduate student life. Having just returned from MLA in DC, I also don’t have any conferences to prepare for. Speaking of which, my presentation went quite well, even though it was rushed. I was the last of 4 speakers and the projector data-plug in cord thingy wasn’t in the room waiting for us, so we started late. I’ll be posting my 10 slides and corresponding notes up here tomorrow though as I spent more time preparing for this presentation than previous ones.

I only have 6 more minutes to finish this first post and get it up there on January 1, 2006, so let me close by offering a movie recommendation: Fun with Dick and Jane. I’m sure Alec Baldwin had a great time being the W-like corporate jerk and when you see it, be sure to notice all the 2000 Gore/Leibermann signage. 🙂

More soon and throughout the year! It’s already a wonderful one!

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