holiday slump

Having resigned from the job [and just in time–I found out they laid off 4 editors last week], I spent the past few weeks trying to finish up the semester successfully. Wrote another paper, gave a presentation, graded my online students. Then the real fun began: a 5 day trip to Minnesota! I have to upload the pics still but it was a beautiful white winter wonderland. We walked a lot and I looked like a bundled up marshmellow, but anything, even 19 degree weather, is better than Tampa! 😉

Back in FL now though and hosting the parents til I leave this Thursday for MLA. For that presentation, I am trying to blend some work I’ve done on blogs–in the classroom, as part of my literacy autobiography, and most recently regarding the hurricane. Not sure what the vibe is at MLA, but I’ll be getting there a day before I present so I can check it out then. I was a total geek the other night and scanned the program for names I knew, both ones that are big and those from my days in Boston.

Once I return on New Year’s Day, I resolve to blog every day! And putting that up here means I really have to do it…

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