back home in Picayune???

There is a lot to update everyone on but the most significant is that I no longer have a full-time job! My last day was Friday and it’s already been such a relief to have the free time today during the day to clean, organize “last week of the semester” papers and catch up on emails. I’m gonna miss those FADV folks, but I plan to keep in touch with ’em!

The other big news is that I went to NOLA for an afternoon of food and fun. Andy got to eat his first beignets and muffaletta and I got to walk around with a margarita! Could life get any better? 😉

Seriously, I had been a little scared of what I might see as we drove in, both to Mississippi and to the city, and it’s all still kind of a mess, but nothing too devastating-looking. There are still some fly-away boats in random places, like in the middle of the Interstate, btu what made me most sad was seeing all the flooded cars inNew Orleans East. So many people left them there, I’m sure, thinking they’d come home in a day or 2.

I have pics uploaded to my other computer, so I will have to share those later, via Flickr, but suffice it to say, it wasn’t as scary as I thought. I refused everyone’s idea to go see my house in NOLA, and I think that was best. What’s there to see? I wanted to focus on my friends and family, and that’s just what I did! And I am also quite impressed at my parents’ place in Picayune. I hadn’t been in there in probably 15 years or so and it’s quite a home, not just a weekend place. Andy and I had a great time there, even with/especially because of the lack of cell phone signals!

More NOLA and the holidays posts soon.

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