My Pal Preston

Quite the prolific blogger and even blogging during his law school classes, Preston is a theatre pal of mine from NOLA. We met doing an awful production of Fiddler on the Roof. I was 16 and there was a shortage of male dancers so me and my girls had to don beards and mustaches to do the famous bottle dance! I think Preston was about 12.

Anyway, Preston has pics up from his grandmother’s house in Chalmette here.

My parents haven’t sent me any pics but I am sure I will see some when I go to see them in Mississippi for Thanksgiving. I’ll also be seeing everything they’ve managed to save, like my Cabbage Patch kid and my collection of Strawberry Shortcake miniatures.

And now that I’ve officially resigned from my job, I can blog about these things more! Woohoo!

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