more NOLA tears

I write this after having had a long cry about New Orleans, missing my cat Trina, thinking about my work situation and feeling like an academic slacker. I know it’s impossible to do it all, but I keep pushing myself and now I’m on little sleep and just so frustrated I could pull my hair out. I really am excited about the potential and momentum my academic research and writing have, but when I spend 40 hours a week editing cases and worrying about “hitting my quota” for corporate America, I lose that momentum. As this recent story on what we do shows, it is an interesting job, but I feel like it’s not for me for much longer. I came to Tampa to get a PhD and I need to finish that.

I don’t even think I am making much sence in this blog post but I just felt like writing and making yet another public thank you/apology to my professors and students for not being “on” this semester. Everyone has been so understanding, yet I am at that stage where I feel that no one could possibly understand what I am going through.

I had been planning on avoiding visiting NOLA for as long as I could, but my mom called me from the French Quarter on Saturday morning and said, “It’s nice. It’s safe. We can walk around if you want to when you come to Mississippi for Thanksgiving.” I am excited about this but also scared. I know I will cry the whole drive there and especially when I see my friends.

I think I need to just go to bed. But before I do, I have to link to my friend Trina B’s blog, which is a first hand account of her return to Uptown NOLA, and also to this interesting piece about Tulane students in Seattle and how they’ve spent their FEMA money.

More later when my eyes have dried.

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