Love that chicken from Popeye's

I have been having my own cravings for some good ol’ Popeye’s chicken, but after reading this, I think I’d feel guilty getting some now.

As the blogger notes:

New Orleans gave the world Popeye’s. We nurtured it like a loving mother and then set it free, where it warmed the hearts and bellies of this great nation. And this is how we’re thanked? Come on! Copeland? Popeye’s corporation? Are you reading this? To quote our mayor, GET OFF YOUR ASSES AND DO SOMETHING!!! Here is a list of unflooded Popeye’s locations that could, in theory, be making me some biscuits right now:
Popeye’s #2028, 1414 S. Carrollton Ave
Popeye’s #2027, 4041 Magazine St.
Popeye’s #2020, 1243 St. Charles Ave
Popeye’s #2030, 621 Canal St.
Popeye’s @ Riverwalk Mall

I hope they get cooking soon because it’s never good for a New Orleanian to go hungry!

3 thoughts on “Love that chicken from Popeye's

  1. Popeyes is good stuff… dangit, now I’ve got a craving for a po’boy and some red beans and rice.

    I’ve had precisely one bad experience at a Popeyes. It was at the one in the TA Travel Center on exit 10 off I-4; the bread on my po’boy had mold growing on it. I just tore off that part of the bread and ate the rest. (Can you tell I grew up poor?)

  2. My closest Popeye’s is about 20 miles! Fortunately, I travel near it about once a week for work. It’s the only place I can get a REAL shrimp po’boy. Everyone else around St. Louis calls a sub a po’boy. Geez!

  3. My Orpheus buddy, Chris, uses the term “Popeye’s Chicken” as a euphemism for getting. . . well. . . uh. . . YOU know. ..

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