new found appreciation for academic freedoms

My top 6 lessons learned from going corporate 6 months ago (AKA reasons I should resign soon):

1. I despise commuting–until someone figures out a way I can blog from the car, I’m over sitting in my car for at least an hour in the morn and sometimes 2 on the way home. It’s Tampa, people, where the hell is everyone going? This place sucks!
2. I hate cubicles–now that the office has added glass partitions and random potted plants, I just feel even more closed in. And word is that they are adding security cameras too! Guess I won’t be blogging from work…
3. I’m not really allowed on the Internet so there goes any chance of catching up on school work from the workplace.
4. I love having the freedom to make impromptu travel plans but here I have to seek approval. Grrrrrrrrr
5. I just bought a sassy Cannondale bike and long to ride it everywhere but so far I’ve only been out on it once on Sunday.
6. I love sleeping in. Enough said! Actually to make a stronger argument, my best writing happens at night so it’s kind of difficult to stay up late and do that anymore now that I’m up at 6 am, Monday-Friday.

With that said, I’m outta here and off to spoon and dreamland with my AC.

One thought on “new found appreciation for academic freedoms

  1. Sister, we belong in academia (in fact, someone said this about me today). I have almost all the same complaints. The hyper-vigilance of the admins, the early schedule (pure insanity). The only thing I don’t have is a lot of traffic on my commute. And yeah, Tampa must suck because I live in a suburb of Boston and I commute 25-30 miles one way each day and it never takes more than 45 minutes. I write well enough at any time, but I did my best blogging at USF with the Daily Show on — or later.
    Gotta go. Hang in there.

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