Perfect timing for my first visit back to NOLA–a free concert!

Celebrate the music and culture of New Orleans with Kermit Ruffins & the Barbecue Swingers, Jon Cleary with Walter “Wolfman” Washington, John Boutte, Topsy Chapman and Wanda Rouzan

Join the Second Line with The Hot 8 Brass Band 10am at Sweet Lorraine’s (1931 St. Claude) and down Esplanade/Decatur/Canal



I’ve blogged about her before, but now that I’ve set up a Flickr account, you can expect more pics of my cat Trina. This pic was taken at least 7 years ago but it’s my favorite. She’s got such a smirk on her face!


My Pal Preston

Quite the prolific blogger and even blogging during his law school classes, Preston is a theatre pal of mine from NOLA. We met doing an awful production of Fiddler on the Roof. I was 16 and there was a shortage of male dancers so me and my girls had to don beards and mustaches to do the famous bottle dance! I think Preston was about 12.

Anyway, Preston has pics up from his grandmother’s house in Chalmette here.

My parents haven’t sent me any pics but I am sure I will see some when I go to see them in Mississippi for Thanksgiving. I’ll also be seeing everything they’ve managed to save, like my Cabbage Patch kid and my collection of Strawberry Shortcake miniatures.

And now that I’ve officially resigned from my job, I can blog about these things more! Woohoo!


feeling groovy

In better spirits as the countdown to my last day at the editing gig begins. I turn in the letter of resignation tomorrow so wish me luck.

I’ve been getting a lot of medical appointments out of the way which makes me miss my NOLA doctors. These Tampa folks aren’t as warm and welcoming. My eye doctor flat out said: “Wow you’re really near-sighted.” Gee thanks, you idiot!

I have to run so I can make it to a 730 showing of Capote but wanted to save this link to the Chronicle for Higher Ed’s page dedicated to the hurricanes. After speaking with both Xavier and Loyola profs and hearing of their losses–books and lecture notes and classic texts and artwork–it’s makes me even more dedicated to finish my degree and get back there to help them rebuild!


more NOLA tears

I write this after having had a long cry about New Orleans, missing my cat Trina, thinking about my work situation and feeling like an academic slacker. I know it’s impossible to do it all, but I keep pushing myself and now I’m on little sleep and just so frustrated I could pull my hair out. I really am excited about the potential and momentum my academic research and writing have, but when I spend 40 hours a week editing cases and worrying about “hitting my quota” for corporate America, I lose that momentum. As this recent story on what we do shows, it is an interesting job, but I feel like it’s not for me for much longer. I came to Tampa to get a PhD and I need to finish that.

I don’t even think I am making much sence in this blog post but I just felt like writing and making yet another public thank you/apology to my professors and students for not being “on” this semester. Everyone has been so understanding, yet I am at that stage where I feel that no one could possibly understand what I am going through.

I had been planning on avoiding visiting NOLA for as long as I could, but my mom called me from the French Quarter on Saturday morning and said, “It’s nice. It’s safe. We can walk around if you want to when you come to Mississippi for Thanksgiving.” I am excited about this but also scared. I know I will cry the whole drive there and especially when I see my friends.

I think I need to just go to bed. But before I do, I have to link to my friend Trina B’s blog, which is a first hand account of her return to Uptown NOLA, and also to this interesting piece about Tulane students in Seattle and how they’ve spent their FEMA money.

More later when my eyes have dried.


Love that chicken from Popeye's

I have been having my own cravings for some good ol’ Popeye’s chicken, but after reading this, I think I’d feel guilty getting some now.

As the blogger notes:

New Orleans gave the world Popeye’s. We nurtured it like a loving mother and then set it free, where it warmed the hearts and bellies of this great nation. And this is how we’re thanked? Come on! Copeland? Popeye’s corporation? Are you reading this? To quote our mayor, GET OFF YOUR ASSES AND DO SOMETHING!!! Here is a list of unflooded Popeye’s locations that could, in theory, be making me some biscuits right now:
Popeye’s #2028, 1414 S. Carrollton Ave
Popeye’s #2027, 4041 Magazine St.
Popeye’s #2020, 1243 St. Charles Ave
Popeye’s #2030, 621 Canal St.
Popeye’s @ Riverwalk Mall

I hope they get cooking soon because it’s never good for a New Orleanian to go hungry!


so much for everyone else is doing it…

According to Teen People, a Catholic school in NJ is threatening to suspend students for blogging!

Effective immediately, students at a Catholic school in Sparta, New Jersey face suspension if they keep personal pages or blogs on popular websites like Reverend Kieran McHugh, the principal of Pope John XIII Regional High School, shocked 900 students when he made the announcement during an assembly two weeks ago, according to Sparta’s Daily Record.

The new rule is meant to protect students from online predators, the principal said, adding that these websites — where students blog about their lives and feelings about their teachers and schools — are fertile ground for sexual predators to gather information about children. “I don’t see this as censorship,” McHugh said this week. “I believe we are teaching common civility, courtesy and respect.”

Students were also told to dismantle existing accounts on and similar sites with personal pages or blogs. It’s not uncommon for public and private schools to block access to these types of sites from school computers, but the rule at Pope John extends to personal computers, reaching into students’ homes and private lives.

According to the paper, students, who wished to remain anonymous, said that the majority of the student body protested the new rule. They tried to argue that they have the freedom of speech and the school should not control what they do at home.

“If this protects one child from being near-abducted or harassed or preyed upon, I make no apologies for this stance,” McHugh said.

OK, but these kids can be abducted, harassed or preyed upon any time they walk out of their house! This is pushing the censorship envelope big time…


new found appreciation for academic freedoms

My top 6 lessons learned from going corporate 6 months ago (AKA reasons I should resign soon):

1. I despise commuting–until someone figures out a way I can blog from the car, I’m over sitting in my car for at least an hour in the morn and sometimes 2 on the way home. It’s Tampa, people, where the hell is everyone going? This place sucks!
2. I hate cubicles–now that the office has added glass partitions and random potted plants, I just feel even more closed in. And word is that they are adding security cameras too! Guess I won’t be blogging from work…
3. I’m not really allowed on the Internet so there goes any chance of catching up on school work from the workplace.
4. I love having the freedom to make impromptu travel plans but here I have to seek approval. Grrrrrrrrr
5. I just bought a sassy Cannondale bike and long to ride it everywhere but so far I’ve only been out on it once on Sunday.
6. I love sleeping in. Enough said! Actually to make a stronger argument, my best writing happens at night so it’s kind of difficult to stay up late and do that anymore now that I’m up at 6 am, Monday-Friday.

With that said, I’m outta here and off to spoon and dreamland with my AC.