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Back in the academic groove these days after last’s week stress-o-la time at the job. If things continue in that manner, I’ll tell em to take their job and shove it come January, but so far I’m off to a much better week, although it is only Monday…

So I’m trying to focus on my directed study group on Online Communities. Rita has mentioned Rocketboom a lot and I finally watched a whole v-log post. Kinda was entertained…and really liked this link for “When you absolutely, positively have to get off the phone…” 😉

Ryan shared the link to the Wild Cam of Pete’s Pond in Africa, which is amazing. Minnesota Stories has an awesome frog video too — and my AC was JUST talking about the digital video he took when feeding his frog! Ha!

Seriously though, the immediacy calls to mind Krause’s dissertation which I have only recently come across.

I’m still hooked on Metroblogging New Orleans because these stories mean most to me right now. Ernie’s writing in this post is just so heartfelt and honest. There really is no way to describe the feelings between optimism and truth and fear and sadness.

Gonna go to bed and read. Lots to cram in over the next 7 weeks, but I am ready!

4 thoughts on “Links of interest

  1. Just dropped in to read a little, and I will steal some high-speed internet time tomorrow to view some of your links.

    Pitched a CIG to blogging. Don’t think it hit, but never can tell. If our competitor (the damnable Dummies. . . ) were to make a load of money on one you can BET one of our Aquistion Editors will be asked why we haven’t. I think I am in the right place right now; enjoying this environment of publishing and am pleased I recognized the opportunity and had the skills to make it happen.

    As you do, Princess Daisy. You’re where you need to be right now. We always are. . .

    So. . . go get a bottle of vodka, a bottle of Cointreau, and a bottle of cranberry juice. You deserve it. . .

    Love you


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