5 days with Katrina

This is an amazing slide show with captions so you can see the dramatic pre-storm, post-storm, then post-levee break devastation that occured downtown and in the Quarter.

I’ve gotten preoccupied with the reality of all of this again and it was quite difficult to get through my Rhetoric mid-term tonight. The editing job isn’t going too well either these days and I am thinking something will have to give soon but I’m desperate to save money and get outta here for awhile.

More tomorrow once I’ve gotten some sleep!

2 thoughts on “5 days with Katrina

  1. As you know i’ve just moved here from New Orleans too. That slide show is really sad, got me crying a little. I havn’t been back yet but i hope to be soon. I hope that everything is getting better with you, I know it’s hard. Hopefully everything will be back to normal by spring. I know this Mardi Gras will be a special one.

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