my trina

Apparently it’s been so long since i’ve blogged, that this is the 3rd time i am writing this post because other windows I’ve closed have ended up closing all of them. Ugh! I don’t even think that first sentence makes sense but i am too tired and frustrated to deal with it.

I only want to share a few links to albums friends have sent since returning to New Orleans and dealing with the damage in their homes. My parents house had 8 feet of water in it so everything is gone. My mom managed to save her china and some pictures but that’s about it.
Renee sent this video along; TB went to her recently purchased house uptown and found all of this ruin; LB sent this album along; and Randy has 1000s of pics of Chalmette hosted here.

The main loss hitting me more each day is of my kitty Trina. My parents took her with them when they evacuated but she hates car rides, became a nervous wreck and stopped eating all together. I was reminded that my friend Brian made this silly webpage of Trina pics several years ago, so go take a look. She was the sweetest and I miss her pinky paws so much. 🙁

Dealing with work and school is better but I’m also not getting as much sleep as I should because when friends do call, I have to talk to them since I feel so helpless here in FL. AC and I haven’t done anything social in weeks and I hate that.
I went to Jacksonville this weekend for a funeral of a prof’s mother and it was good to be with that family but here I am again trying to justify sitting in a cubicle at work editing reports when I could be doing something and living life. I hope to have some down time soon but we’ll see. Something might have to give…

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