here we go again

OK I managed to get my academic focus back and will force myself to keep it all weekend now that I’ve been given a deadline for the blog article, but also just heard word that the levees in NOLA have broken again.

Refreshing the WWL-TV blog throughout the day.

And I’m pasting in portion of an email from my Texan friend Heather who had been the one person keeping me sane during Katrina. I hate that she is going through this now, especially only weeks away from her wedding.

I just wanted to let eveyone know that David and I are safe in Austin. We will most likely lose our house seeing as we live only two blocks from the beach and we are about a quarter of a mile east of the seawall.
I had planned on being in Austin Tuesday anyway because I had an appointment with a chef about a wedding cake. To be on the safe side I loaded up the car with pictures, important documents, a suitcase of clothes, and our dog. David was still at work at UTMB and was going wait and see what the storm did. Needless to say, yesterday was just torture. Thehospital wouldn’t let him leave and put him to work getting the critical patients out and into ambulances. All of the phones were busy so I couldn’t get a hold of him. Yesterday the storm was a category 5, so I was pretty frantic. My sister’s stepmom emailed me last night and said she was sending a plane to Galveston to pick up David this morning. At about 9 last night I was able to get through to David to let him know that he needed to be at the airport in the morning. He said it was a very sad and eerie feeling being the only person in the neighborhood and knowing that would be that last night he spent in our home.
The important thing is that DAVID IS HERE WITH ME IN AUSTIN AND IS SAFE. We are staying with my friend Dana for now. Hopefully our island will be okay and we can go home next week. If not, we will most likely head west to El Paso and stay with my parents for a while. We’ll see. Day by day.

Jeezy Chreezy! Lovely Rita just came on the I-pod?!?!?!??!?

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