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Finally getting to some teaching and reading so I won’t write long, but had to put these links up for future reference:

1. NPR’s Katrina Web Log
2. Bloggers Blog’s Katrina and the Blogs
3. Another New Orleans Flood Map, which says that my street is under 1o-feet of water. 🙁
4. Dave Winer’s blog with links to video of Dick Cheney getting heckled
5. A New Orleans Metroblog post with Chris Rose’s letter to America from New Orleans and links to Cafe Press’s merchandise with the image below

BTW: Chris Rose’s letter couldn’t be more true and makes me so glad I don’t have cable. I’ve barely watched any footage of this whole thing, only have read about it. All I see/hear in the maintstream media is the negative and highlighting the worst of the worst in both the politicians and citizens of NOLA. But in the past 24 hours I have spoken to friends who have ventured back into the city with quite optimistic views. Yes, it’s a disaster, but we will rebuild and it will be better than before. And we will NOT Manhattanize or Disney-fy the place known best for its southern decadence. I close with Chris Rose’s words:

When you meet us now and you look into our eyes, you will see the saddest story ever told. Our hearts are broken into a thousand pieces.

But don’t pity us. We’re gonna make it. We’re resilient. After all, we’ve been rooting for the Saints for 35 years. That’s got to count for something.

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