At work and trying to get outta here but wanted to update the blog with a few tidbits and links:

I’ve been wondering how NOLA’s former WWL-TV weatherman, David Bernard, was reacting to everything and found this report in the Miami Herald.

Got in touch with my friend Paul and he and his whole family are in Houston. But a few of them snuck into NOLA the other day to save their dog. They waded through waist-high water and got the pup. Paul’s Uptown house had a basement, quite rare in NOLA, which was flooded, but the upper floors were fine. His parents lived in devastated St. Bernard parish and even with their house being under 30-feet of water, FEMA denied their claim. What the hell??? All he told me was that the rep said it was there was sufficient damage?!?! Oh this is not going to be fun…but at least I read this: 12:15 P.M. – FEMA Director Mike Brown is being removed from his oversight role of the mission in New Orleans and being sent back to Washington.
Lara had already told me that she was annoyed FEMA didn’t have an office set up in Louisiana and that everyone she knew was driving to TX and MS to get their checks, and today I hear that the $2000-promises are only going to those in the Astrodome. What a mess.

The fact that fires are starting in NOLA everyday now, one just destroying 3 buildings on Dillard University’s campus, [EDITED TO INCLUDE LINK TO ARTICLE ABOUT HELP FROM BROWN AND PRINCETON] scares the hell out of me. I know I am still in denial and daydream of returning to my city to find things like they were, but it’s getting more depressing each day. I remember walking down my street and then 3-blocks to go to St. Raphael the Archangel school and walking to Ferrara’s grocery store [EDITED TO INCLUDE IMAGE], and to Ellen Hardeman’s Dance Academy and I just want to cry at the thought that EVERYTHING IS GONE. EVERYONE HAS LOST EVERYTHING…I don’t get it and I don’t care to blame anyone for it, which is all I seem to read about lately. I just want it all back.

But on a happier note, I heard from Julie who is now attending a Sacred Heart school in NYC. She’s doing well and as it turns out, Time magazine read her mom’s posts on and decided to do a piece on the whole family which is expected to come out on Monday. I’ll link it here ASAP.

Gonna try and beat traffic. Expect more posts this weekend, particularly ones that discuss the blogs and wikis I’ve found created to help people and pets reconnect during this time.

Oh and one other bit of good news from the WWL-TV Katrina blog:

The famed aquarium in New Orleans is sending surviving creatures to facilities in Dallas, Galveston and Monterey, California.
The Audubon Aquarium of the Americas wasn’t badly damaged by Hurricane Katrina. But officials say the loss of electricity and other storm impact on the complex knocked out the life-support systems. Most of its six-thousand animals died. But aquarium staff managed to save sea otters, penguins and other birds, some fish and a 250-pound green sea turtle named “Midas.”

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  1. I’ve watched the news, Daisy, and listened to the radio, and given to charities, and read the blogs, but more than anything else, your statement that “EVERYONE HAS LOST EVERYTHING” and the memories you write about make me understand, and make me think about you and the people you know, and about what such a disaster — natural and bureaucratic — would do to my own (and anyone’s) community.

    Take care.

  2. thank you Mike. I’m glad that came across as it did because some people at school and work don’t get it. they ask me how i am, then within minutes change the topic and talk about their lives, stuff, houses, and pets and all I can think about is how all of that is gone for my parents and everyone I know. i know it’s hard to even try to understand and even I can’t believe any of it, so I can’t thank you enough for your support and comments.

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