I have been thrilled and overwhelmed with the amount of people I’ve heard from during this time but sadly only have the time to point them to the blog. After a weekend offline, then having the parents with me, going back to work at FADV yesterday, and trying to catch up on all the schoolwork I was assigned and then assigned my students, my eyes are glazing over and the only thing keeping me awake is Excedrin Tension Headache.

But AC has been a wonderful distraction and support. He’s been asking me how I’m feeling each day because I think it’s clear to see that this whole thing conjures up a weird range of emotions. I am fine when at work/school, then sad again when I read/watch the news and am faced with the images, but then full of joy when the cell phone gods are working and friends can get through. Heard from Matthew M yesterday and he’s already been to his parent’s house in Jefferson parish. There wasn’t too much damage and the power is back so he’s quite optimistic about things. He works for a Segway Tours Company that could easily transfer him to Chicago or somewhere else, but he wants to stay close (and be the first back in the Bruno’s bar! 🙂 ). I’m sure I would do the same.

My parents and I are pretty sure that the NOLA house is gone and everything is destroyed, so we’re dealing with that now. I’m worried about what might have been in the safe and even in our bank’s safety deposit box, but I’m hoping that paperwork will fix everything out eventually. And there are so many people who have so much less than we do.

Everyone else I’ve spoken to seems to be in good spirits and trying to settle into some sort of routine in their new location. Lara starts filming the movie again on Friday; Rudy was running errands today in Houston with hopes of getting transferred to the Miami Ritz Carlton, and Sarah’s hotel has relocated them to a Houston Marriott. Jeremy and Tom are kicking it in their respective Mid-Western folks’ homes.

I need to contact the little girl I used to tutor who was just starting her senior year at Sacred Heart. We just emailed a few weeks ago and she was all abuzz about her summer at a film/dramatic school in NYC, with this scandalous short film as proof of her body of work. As an Academy of the Holy Angels girl myself, I know that what means most at an all-girls catholic high school, especially for JC whose mom and sisters also graduated there, are the traditions, ceremonies and pomp and circumstance. I hope somehow she gets the senior year she’s dreamed of.
EDITED to include link to the Sacred Heart communications network where I just found out Julie is in NYC! (Search “Comarda” on the page and you can read her mom’s posts).

And speaking of diplomas, my mother somehow thought to pack my BA from Loyola and MA from Northeastern along with some framed pictures. Now I really need to finish this PhD and get that to join the others!

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  1. Hi Daisy,
    I have been reading your blog almost daily since I reconnected with you last week. Although last week’s events have been tragic, I’m grateful that I’ve found a new way to keep in touch with you. Reading your posts instantly brings me back to our days in Boston and the Vineyard and of course, NOLA, and reminds of of all the fun times we had. Your creativity, independence and sensitivity are some of your most admirable and memorable qualities and I can hear them through your words.

    Truly I am thankful that you and your parents are okay, please let them know that you are all in my thoughts daily. It’s good to hear you express your thoughts during this difficult time, and even though I know you are struggling, I am proud of you, and I miss you! And I’m sorry about Trina 🙁

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