drink up!

I’ve linked to Preston before, although I just realized I haven’t added him to my blogroll on this site, but I had to share his post on it “hitting home.”

Also just got an email from him about the “Save New Orleans Cocktail Hour!

On Monday, September 12th, between the hours of 5:00pm and 7:00pm, bar customers across the nation will raise their glasses for a “Save New Orleans Cocktail Hour” as bar and restaurant owners shake up New Orleans’ classic cocktails to directly benefit New Orleans food and beverage industry workers who are out of work and sorely in need of funds for rebuilding their lives. During this special event New Orleans classics will be offered at participating bars for $10 per drink. Receipts from the Save New Orleans Cocktail Hour will be donated to a special tax-deductible relief fund established by the Museum of the American Cocktail.

No FL cities are listed, but I plan to make mine a double!

Spread the word, folks!

3 thoughts on “drink up!

  1. Preston really is able to tell it like it is. For anyone who has lived in New Orleans, it is a city you long to go back to. Looking for opportunities in a depressed economy makes able bodied people leave this great state. Some guilt washes over me for having left my state, my city.

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