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Just got this from the Association of Internet Researchers listserv:

One Web site,, is combating the confusion by encouraging users to annotate a Google Map of New Orleans with information about specific locations. Collectively, the community is creating a collaborative map Wikipedia. Anyone with something to add can enter a street address and leave a marker on the map at that location, providing a few lines of text about conditions at that spot.

I clicked on my neighborhood and only one post was up just asking for information about Cameron Blvd. Another one reads, “lower half of UNO including Ben Franklin High School is flooded” and those schools are only 3 blocks away and literally alongside a levee. So if we’re down the street, shouldn’t that mean our house isn’t too bad? I just don’t know…

News from more evacuated friends keeps coming in, but still no word from my parents. The state of NOLA gets worse with the looting, fires, and gas prices soaring everywhere else. Have heard lots of complaints about George W‘s delayed reaction, even from fellow Republicans, but I honestly don’t have anything to say. I never expected anything from him anyway, so why should I be surprised?

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